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Energy Savings

Energy Savings

We are experts at finding solutions to use less energy while still providing the same level of service.

Businesses and homes that are implementing energy efficient methods can reduce their total demand, which results in spending less money on energy. Whether you’re a business or own a home, there are specific steps that you can implement to decrease the overall consumption of energy and save money.
Our licensed electricians know that each project they are confronted with is different, so it’s crucial for us to look at all aspects of your business or home to determine the best ways to save on energy (or money, essentially the same thing). We work around your schedule and will find a time that’s convenient for you to meet so we don’t disrupt business hours or interfere with your daily schedule at home.
Many public power utilities provide rebates for retrofitting pre-existing light structures with new and improved technology, and we help walk you through the process when applying for such rebates.

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